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Steps to Take Care of your Acer Laptop Battery

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When you have a laptop like Acer permits you to perform various tasks and consolidates your work onto one device. You can do a lot like conducting your business tasks, browse the internet, manage music and movies, all from a computer is easily done and it’s a machine that easily fits into a travel bag. Of course, all these features remain useless when you find the battery of your laptop on its low point or it doesn’t have any power.

The very good things its users find in these laptops are user-friendly and these devices are easily accessed by a least tech-savvy person. After all its incredible features, it is necessary that users should not face any issue in charging their laptops. At Acer Customer Service Number 24/7 United Kingdom, one will get complete help you in keeping a battery charged as well as in a healthy condition. Read this blog and you’ll come to know more about how to keep a battery charged.

Acer is the leading companies in the market that produce laptops, Smartphone’s, i-pads and many other devices. The technical solutions offered by the enterprise works efficiently. And even if the users face any problem, the technicians at the customer care take care of your device. They make sure that the users can get the most out of the device they buy from Acer.


First, turn off your laptop and check that battery is located in its bay. You can find its battery by turning your laptop over. It is designed in a rectangular shape that is half in the size of laptop length.

Now connect one end of adaptor into the jack of another side wire and plugin this adaptor to a power resource now. If you wish you can charge and use your laptop when the power is ON. But it is suggested from experts it takes half time to charge if your laptop is off.

Please check that charging indicator lights on AC adaptor is a solid color, if you find multi-color lights are blinking means it is overheating. If you find so, then remove AC adaptor, wait for some time until it gets cool before attempting to charge again.

Remove the adaptor from a power source when it shows you a solid green color light that means charging is complete now. You can check status from battery indicator that can be seen on just above the keyboard on the right of your computer.

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