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How to Make a Hydrating Fine Mist Sprayer

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Replenishment is an important step in skin care. Many people like to use China Fine Mist Sprayer(KEXON) to replenish water. Can we make a hydrating Fine Mist Sprayer at home? Here we introduce you to several simple production methods:

Lemon hydrating spray

Lemon is rich in vitamins, which can moisturize the skin. Of course, it can also be made into a spray: firstly, two pieces of lemon are ground into juice to leave juice; secondly, one piece of vitamin C is ground into a powder; finally, the two are mixed and added in an appropriate amount. Moisture, just put it in a spray bottle.

Rose water spray

Put an appropriate amount of rose water into the spray bottle, then add water in a ratio of 1:1. Note that the distilled water is added, and then shake it evenly for 24 hours. For convenience, it can also be mixed in other containers and then poured into a spray bottle when in use.

Daisy spray

Chrysanthemum can replenish water and calm the skin. It is a good hydrating raw material. Take an appropriate amount of raw chrysanthemum into the boiling water. After the water is cool, filter out the chrysanthemum, add the cold water with the appropriate amount of salt, shake it and mix it, and put it into the sprayer.

Aloe vera spray

Aloe Vera has always been a good skin care beauty product and can also be made into a hydrating spray. Take appropriate amount of fresh aloe vera, filter with gauze, pour out the juice, add appropriate amount of mineral water, mix and pour into the spray bottle.

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