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Market supply and demand fundamentals to promote stainless steel prices

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In 2016, the output of high-grade mines in international mines increased by less than 10% while the production of low-grade mines increased by more than 30%. With the market demand for high-grade ore upgrade, high-grade ore supply and demand tension. Reflected in the port inventory, the performance of the total high inventory and high ore stocks fell. It is understood that in 2016 the share of high-end Australian port stocks in ports dropped from about 26% at the highest level to about 15%.Stainless Steel Sheet Price List


Although the total stock of port iron ore has been maintained at a high level of over 100 million tons, the high inventory level is caused by the fact that the proportion of middle and low grade ore stocks is too large and the high-grade ore is insufficiently supplied. Therefore, iron ore appeared in the total stock and prices rose at the same time. Head of a large steel futures department said the existing inventory of low grade ore business acceptance is not high, poor sales, but also led to high inventories of iron ore.Stainless Steel Sheet-Coil Products List


Therefore, under the background of high inventory, the input-output ratio is relatively high, and the high-grade iron ore with greater economic benefits is still in structural shortage, driving the price of high-grade iron ore to continue to rise. On the impact of rising coke prices on iron ore, the head of a large steel futures department said steel companies cost accounting is very fine, will refer to the raw material coke, coking coal, iron ore between the price and dynamic adjustment of the proportion of use. It is understood that each grade of iron ore into the furnace increased by 1%, can reduce the use of coke 2%. In the current high coke prices, companies will choose to use high-grade iron ore to reduce coke consumption.Precio de fabricación de la bobina de acero inoxidable ss409


Therefore, coke prices and high grade iron ore prices showed a good positive correlation, rising coke prices led to higher prices of ore products. In addition, in recent years, the policy of limiting environmental protection prompted steel mills to use more coke with high quality mines to increase hot metal production and boost the market demand for high-grade iron ore. Hongyuan Futures Research analyst Wu Shou-hsiang said that steel companies are currently in high profits, with expansion demand. Under the pressure of environmental protection, enterprises need to improve the quality of ore raw materials, driving the structural strength of high grade ore. Data show that since 2017, iron ore prices continued the rally last year, although the price dropped in March, but on the 13th iron ore futures rose again, the main contract 1705 closing price of 684.5 yuan / ton, or 4.27 %.1.4462 2507 304n cold drawn stainless steel angle round bar

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