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2FE3 Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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Vacuum systems are used to industrial vacuum pumps solvent vapors in many chemical and pharmaceutical applications wherever excess solvents must be removed such as processes involving drying, distilling, chemical reactions, synthesis of compounds, separation and purification, cleaning, etc. Many organic solvents need to be recovered either due to their toxicity, flammability, or environmental impact and dry industrial vacuum pumps for sale provide a green vehicle for doing so.

Dry industrial vacuum pump for sale have no internal sealing liquid that could be contaminated by incoming solvents or contaminate the outgoing solvents that need to be recovered.

The solvent vapors are passed through the dry vacuum system and then usually condensed at the exhaust that provides a closed loop for containing and recovery with no contamination. A typical system would consist of a dry industrial vacuum pump with a shell and tube condenser at the exhaust. If higher capacities are required a booster/dry pump combination could be used.

Can be operated independently in vacuum pump for sale from atmospheric pressure to 0.04 mbar.a
No Oil &water in contact with process makes free dry vacuum operation and no pollution.
The vacuum performance is not affected by environment, season and working condition.
No contact between rotors and casing that ensure long pump life.
Suitable for pumping corrosive by special Teflon coating.
Short gas through the pump make pump can handle liquids, condensate and even small particle
Nitrogen gas, steam and solvents can be used to clean the pump.
Drive end adopts mechanical seal and lip seal, it can support to choose seal protect according to working condition.
Enables the recovery of solvent or expensive process materials from outlet.

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