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I'm aiming to be a modern day legend

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It's been roughly two years since we last heard from Buty Jordan Sklep , the young California-based singer/songwriter whose music was making waves in the underground. Since then, he's been somewhat on hiatus, much due to the fact he was in an abusive relationship, he tells us over email. Needless to say, it's set the stage for his latest project thats nothing short of amazing. In regards to his unique sound, Nery tells us I'm aiming to be a modern day legend, such as the likes of Prince or Stevie Wonder.

After spending most of 2016 on the road with Young Thug throughout Buty Jordan Damskie,platinum songwriter Strick has made the transition from behind the scenes to the forefront with his debut album Risk Reward. The project quietly debuted on Thugger's Instagram just days ago and as a token of appreciation to his mentor, the YSL affiliate has shared the lead single with Young Thug titled, 100 Degrees. Just as the song title suggests, it's a hot record you'll likely be hearing all summer long.

At the end of last month, Barato Air Max dropped off the Fly Gui Dai-assisted Effeminence, a trance-inducing single intended to support the duo's new pair of studio albums. Now, just 24 hours before the release of the Quazarz albums, Shabazz Palaces deliver another tripped-out new visual. Directed and pieced together by visual artist Nep Sidhu, today's new offering is a left-field, lo-fi effort and serves as the first official video in support of the Quazarz projects.

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