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main building of the household industry

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main building of the household industry

We continue to adjust the product structure, to meet the growing high-end consumer market, so that the production of products more marketable; next year there is a key work, that is, for urbanization, to accelerate the three or four market expansion, Intensive cultivation of sink channels,Cheap WPC Flooring for Outdoor the greater the environment is dire straits, the more we have to seize the opportunity to wind and on. The first session of our theme is called; big home: home industry ecological chain; we will mainly explore the main building of the household industry, How to put the development of the ecological chain of the big household into an operational enterprise development strategy and planning? How to maintain the enterprise in the home industry ecological chain top position and the foundation evergreen and other issues.

So what do you expect from our annual meeting? [Zhang En Jiu]: hope that the industry leaders of the big party, can give the future development of home plans, specify the direction, to promote the common development of the industry play an important role! [Soufun home network]: Finally, please send your greetings to our annual meeting! [Zhang En Jiu]: wish the current Soufun home annual success,Wood Plastic Wall Panel Supplier long-term development, reputation far and wide, better and better, long Sheng floor is willing to join hands with the search room, the common prosperity of the household industry April 30, 2010, Shanghai University officially signed a production and research cooperation agreement, which is Jiusheng floor,

after the establishment of academicians expert workstation after another major scientific research cooperation action. Huzhou City Nanxun District Organization Department of Science and Technology Bureau of Human Resources Bureau of the leadership witnessed the signing ceremony, and on both sides of the cooperation to give full recognition and high expectations. Shanghai Nanotechnology and Industry Promotion Center chief scientist, Shanghai University of nano-science and technology research center, deputy director of science and technology, Professor Shi Liyi and long-sheng flooring Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Qian Xinmin, respectively, on behalf of the Shanghai University, long Sheng floor in the agreement signature.

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