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the mid-range decoration calculation

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followed by the capital of home furnishings hardware prices began to rise. January 10, the reporter learned from the capital of the major hardware market to copper, aluminum hardware prices rose the most. Part of the copper hardware prices rose to 100%. It is understood that the price of metal products directly lead to the capital of the people to decorate the house to pay more than a thousand dollars.Outdoor Pavilions for Sale

Take an area of ​​100 square meters of a house, for example, according to the mid-range decoration calculation, home improvement hardware generally accounted for about 5,000 yuan, and now with the hardware prices, purchase hardware products need more than 1000 yuan more than the original. In addition, the reporter learned from the hardware building materials market,garden floor price

copper materials, hardware prices rose the most. Hualing sales hardware products in the Li Xiang said that now part of the hardware products rose a lot, such as some wire and other price increases of more than 50%. Other like door handles, aluminum doors and windows and other prices have risen a lot. Suggested to prepare for the decoration of the consumer,make a privacy fence out of pallets

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